3D Crown FSL - "Game of crowns"

by Veronika Maar on August 13, 2021

We wanted to create something special, that you don't see everywhere! We hope we made it!

Our new creation isn't just a simple crown embroidery design, it's a 3D FSL crown.

1. We worked on SOLVY 80 water soluble foil. Be sure to embroider on the pantograph side of the frame, as you can see in the picture. This is important, because it will ensure the embroidery stays neat despite its larger size.

2. When you have finished embroidering, remove the foil from the frame and tear off the embroidery.

The crown consists of 2 pieces - so you’ll need to do this process two times with our crown embroidery design.

3. Soak the embroidery you’ve made in water to dissolve the foil. Then squeeze out the water and let it dry.

4. We have decorated our crown with a few hotfix rhinestones, but it will look perfect without these too.

5. We sewed the two dried pieces together with zigzag stitches to make our beautiful crown.

Go ahead and buy our crown embroidery design to create your own crown with it! Have fun!


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Embrighter team