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Frequently asked questions


Purchasing process


Q: Do you sell embroideries or embroidery designs?

A: In our web shop we sell downloadable embroidery designs. To use one of our designs, you’ll need an embroidery machine on which to produce the design and a device with which you can download the design to your own computer or USB drive.


Q: How do I access a design after I’ve purchased it?

A: Once you’ve paid for the design, a download link will appear. You can download the design from here. The same link will appear in the email we’ll send you confirming your purchase.


Q: Which embroidery file formats are your designs available in?

A: Our designs are available in the following formats: CSD, DST, EXP, EMA, HUS, PES, SHV, VIP and XXX. Some designs are also available in SEW, JEF and PCS formats. Our web shop specifies the exact formats available for each of our designs.


Q: Are your designs available in different sizes?

A: We produce each of our designs in the size that we consider best suits the original graphic. Most of our designs come in only one size, but in some cases several sizes are available. Our web shop lists the sizes available for each design. Please carefully consider the size you need before you purchase a design.


Q: Before I buy one of your designs, I’d like to try out one or two. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Our web shop always includes some free downloadable designs. Feel free to download and try them!


Q: I put some designs in my cart, but I can’t complete my purchase until tomorrow. Will they stay in my cart?

A: The designs you’ve chosen will stay in your cart for 12 hours.


Q: How can I pay for the designs I’ve purchased?

A: You can use a credit card to pay online.


Downloading our embroidery designs


Q: I’ve just purchased a few embroidery designs. Can I download them later?

A: Yes. You can find all the designs you’ve purchased at any time by signing in to your account in our web shop. However, we recommend that you download the designs when you purchase them, since we can’t take responsibility for lost patterns.


Q: How long will the designs I’ve purchased be available in my account?

A: Designs you’ve purchased will be available to you for as long as the web shop exists.


Q: How can I make sure I download the design in the format that’s right for me?

A: After you’ve purchased a design, all its potential formats will become available to you via the download link. From here, you can simply choose the one you need.


Q: How do I open the ZIP file I’ve downloaded?

A: Our designs and the technical sheets that accompany are downloadable in a ZIP folder because compressed files take up less space and you can therefore transfer them to another computer faster than you can transfer uncompressed files. To extract the compressed file, open the compressed folder, and simply drag the file you want to a new location.


Q: What should I do if I have a problem with a file I’ve downloaded?

A: Please email us about the problem at Be sure to include your order number.


Use of our designs


Q: Can I change the size of a design on my embroidery machine, or using my own embroidery design software?

A: All our designs will look best in the size in which we’ve produced them. A change in size may result in a reduction in quality. Please note that we are only responsible for the quality of designs produced in their original sizes.


Q: What can I use your embroidery designs for?

A: You can use the designs in our web shop that are available either for sale or for free if:

- the person who purchased the embroidery design is the person who will use it, and

- the embroidery will be for that person’s own use, or will be a gift, or

- the embroidery will be produced for charitable purposes, or

- the embroidery will be produced individually, for retail purposes.


Q: I would like to use one of your designs to make several individual embroideries to sell. How many embroideries can I produce for this purpose from one design?

A: You can use our designs for an unlimited number of embroideries for this purpose.


Q: I would like to use one of your designs to manufacture products in an embroidery factory. Is this possible?

A: You can download our designs in a format appropriate for industrial machines in our web shop. However, the prices indicated in our store do not apply to wholesale production. If you would like to use our designs for this purpose, please contact us at to purchase the appropriate full licences.


Q: What can I not do with your embroidery designs?

A: The use of our embroidery designs in the following ways is expressly prohibited:

- for wholesale or mass use

- for resale, in whole or in part, in your own online store or using any other interface, with or without modification

- claiming or suggesting that either the original or a modified design is your own

- for sharing or exchanging with others.


Q: I edited a design I bought or downloaded for free from your web shop. Can I resell it as my own?

A: No. Edited or modified embroidery designs from our web shop are subject to the same terms of use as our original designs.




Q: I downloaded the ZIP file. Why can't I scan it to my embroidery machine?

A: ZIP is a compressed file format. Before you embroider, you’ll need to extract the compressed files and select the appropriate format. You can then scan the design into your embroidery machine.


Q: I embroidered a design after opening it with my own embroidery design software, and it didn’t look like the trial embroidery I saw in your web shop. Can you do anything about this?

A: No. We can take responsibility for the quality of our embroidery designs in their original downloaded form, but not when they have been opened with embroidery design software. Such software can change the settings of the original design during opening.


Q: I redesigned a design with my own embroidery design software, and was not satisfied with the result. Can you do anything about this?

A: You can edit or modify our embroidery designs with your own software (for permitted purposes), but we cannot take responsibility for the results of edited embroidery designs.


Q: During the course of embroidery using one of your designs, my base material was damaged. Does this indicate a fault in the design?

A: The quality of machine embroidery does not only depend on a good design; it also depends on the embroidery machine setting and on the right choice of hoop, material to be embroidered, stabiliser, embroidery thread, bobbin thread and needle. We cannot take responsibility for faults that occur during the embroidery process, or for damage to the base material or the embroidery machine. We recommend always carrying out a trial embroidery first.


Q: I really like the colours in the embroideries pictured in your web shop. How can I recreate them?

A: For each embroidery design you purchase, the downloadable ZIP file we provide contains a technical sheet that also includes a colour change sheet. This shows the colour numbers you’ll need for the particular embroidery. Some design formats include colour numbers and will display them on your embroidery machine; we recommend always checking that these colours match those shown in the colour change sheet.


Q: What should I do if I don’t have the embroidery threads the colour change sheet specifies?

A: In addition to the colour numbers, the colour change sheet also includes a description of each colour, so that you can choose a colour that closely matches from your own collection of embroidery threads.


Q: What thickness of thread do you recommend for your embroidery designs?

A: We recommend using 40s machine embroidery thread.


Q: How do you make your designs?

A: We manually digitise all our designs using our embroidery machine design software. In this process we choose the type of stitches to be used on each surface, the order of the layers, the direction of the stitches, the stitch density and the order of the colours.


Accidental purchase


Q: I accidentally purchased an embroidery design that I didn’t want. Can I modify my order?

A: At the time you make a purchase, the status of your order expires, so it cannot be changed. Please check your cart carefully before you finalise your order, to make sure it contains the designs and sizes you wanted.

Q: I accidentally purchased an embroidery design that I didn’t want. What can I do?

A: Due to the nature of downloadable embroidery designs, we cannot refund incorrect or erroneous purchases.


Q: I accidentally purchased an embroidery design that I had already purchased. What can I do?

A: If you accidentally purchased the same design twice, we will refund the accidental purchase. Please tell us about the mistake within 30 working days of your purchase. We’ll refund it within 30 working days of receiving your message.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at