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Welcome to the Embrighter web shop!

We are so glad you found us.

We are a small family business. We started producing embroidery designs in 1996. At first, our clients were factories and plants making a large number of embroidery products to order, mainly for premium brands. For this reason, we had to learn to produce our designs to a very high standard from the beginning. To this day, it’s our commitment to quality that inspires us, even in the smallest details of what we create.

When we create an embroidery design, the first step in our process is to make an accurate drawing. On the basis of this, we digitise the design manually, with the utmost care. We pay special attention to ensure that the order of the design is the best it can be, in terms of both the look of the original drawing and the simplicity of the embroidery process itself. When we complete a new design, we test it with a trial embroidery, and it will only appear in our web shop if it meets our strict quality requirements.

Embroidery design has been our passion since the very beginning. We are so happy that, through this web shop, we can share that passion, and our many years of experience, with you!

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