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How to embroider FSL embroidery designs

by Mónika Világhy on April 02, 2023

First of all, what is FSL embroidery?


For our Free Standing Lace embroidery designs, the embroidery threads create a woven stand-alone unit. After the water soluble stabilizer has disappeared, the connected embroidery threads support each other and thus the shape of the embroidery.

Free Standing Lace embroidery designs always must be embroidered on water soluble stabilizer. We typically work with two layers of SOLVY FABRIC water soluble stabilizer or a single layer of SOLVY 80 water soluble film.


Here are some things to remember when working with FSL embroidery designs:


- Make sure to embroider in the smallest possible hoop. This is important as it will ensure the water soluble stabilizer stays taut. 

- Embroider in a position that is as close as you can get to the embroidery arm. The closer you place the embroidery to the arm, the more accurate the embroidery will be.

- Use the same color lower thread as upper thread. For colorful embroidery designs we prepare our embroidery designs in such a way that you can embroider from beginning to end with the bobbin thread of the most characteristic color.

- For beautiful results, we recommend adjusting the speed of your embroidery machine to a lower setting.

- Proper bobbin tension is important. If it is too tight, the water-soluble stabilizer may pucker or tear.


When you are finished embroidering, remove the water-soluble stabilizer from the hoop and cut around the embroidery.

Soak the embroidery in water to dissolve the water soluble stabilizer. Then squeeze out the water, align the embroidery horizontally and let it dry.

You’ll achieve the best results by soaking it in warm water. If you have sensitive skin, wear protective gloves.

You don’t need to soak all the water-soluble stabilizer from the embroidery: it will stay between the threads and harden the finished embroidery. FSL embroideries always have to be a little hard to hold nicely.

If you accidentally wash too much water-soluble stabilizer from the embroidery and the embroidery becomes too soft, don't worry, you can easily fix it. Just take some waste pieces of water soluble stabilizer, dissolve them in water and soak the embroidery in this solution. When you dry it, it should be hard again.

Finally, iron over the back.

You can also dry your embroidery between two plastic canvases. In this case you won’t need to iron it, because it will have dried horizontally.


Watch this video, where we make a FSL embroidery:


We have digitized a sample embroidery design so you can try the FSL embroidery technology. It is now available for free in our web shop:


Click here        


You can find our FSL embroidery designs here

  FSL Easter machine embroidery design Crocus








 You can find our FSL embroidery designs: Click here

by John on July 27, 2023

I’ve read your article. Honestly, I’ve never read this type of informative and efficient article before. This article will help lots of beginners like me to build skills in embroidery. Love to read your incoming blogs too. Really appreciate your work and dedication.

We have us digitizing to fulfill your embroidery needs.

by Ronda on May 11, 2023

I haven’t been able to find the download button for the Mother’s Day design.Need some help. Thank you