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What do we sell?

by Veronika Maar on June 08, 2021

In our web shop, we sell downloadable embroidery designs. To use our designs, you’ll need an embroidery machine.

Because we have a history of producing embroidery designs for industrial embroidery machines, we are experienced in ensuring that, as well as being beautiful, our designs will run on your embroidery machine as efficiently as possible. Achieving that balance between efficiency and beauty is very important to us.

Our process in producing our embroidery designs begins with a drawing. Next, we select the size we think is the most appropriate for that drawing. Then we carefully plan the embroidery sequence for the design. We digitise all our designs manually, based on our drawings.

Once we’ve completed a design, we carry out a trial embroidery on a neutral material, to test for possible defects. If we are not totally satisfied, we will adjust and readjust the design, until it’s perfect. You can see our latest trial embroideries in our webshop.

We believe that people who take the time and make the effort to decorate something with machine embroidery deserve the very best quality designs.

We hope you will find a design in our ever-expanding selection that will inspire you to create beautiful embroidery.


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